Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Supply wish-list:

"Two Ms. Batemans to help us."

CRT testing is stressing my babies out.
"Smells like CRT in here."

Monday, May 07, 2007

Kenneth broke out in hives today. He'd laugh, scratch, complain, and repeat. After realizing that a touch of his finger brought a hive, he proceeded to trace a smiley face on his face resulting in hive smiley face. Dear, sweet, Kenneth.
Tyson naughtily pointed out, "My STD never looked like that," to which I clucked and shook my head at the inappropriateness. "Oh! Ms. Bateman! I'm just kidding, oh, I'm sorry! I've never ..." He was super embarassed that I overheard.

* Papa Bear just beat me at birthday croquet. Ugh ... I've maintained first place for two whole weeks.

Friday, May 04, 2007

I'll add detail later ... just don't want to forget.

* My dear handball buddies.
* Burrito discussion was aided by burritoish smell drifting through vents.
* Curse our rainy fire drill that was right after our lockdown drill
* "You hate build a bear?! That's where one of my best friends came from."
* Croquet to the max
* Down with clothes thieves
* Ezra back bites (not bites back)
* "You're really late, but we know how to take care of ourselves."
* Nathaniel gets a taste.