Saturday, December 20, 2008

Emily poured purple juice on her plate this morning.
"Hey! This isn't syrup!"

In the Doghouse

My dad was grumpy this morning.

Turns out Malloy has taken over the $200 igloo that my dad bought for the cats so they'd shut their yaps and stop meowing all night. He even bought a heated water dish and a heated pad that he has plugged in to the outside of the house. This morning he found Malloy reaping the benefits of the heated pad in the igloo.

Dad got mad, and unfortunately for Malloy, dad was holding a shovel.

At breakfast, dad exploded, "You need to catch him and take him to the humane society! That is your joal!" shakes his head, but still mad, "That is your goal!"

(Was it a mixture of job and goal?)

It took all I could muster to not laugh at joal, but you better believe I'm laughing now.