Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brighton and Donut Falls
Stewart and Eva wanted to hike to Mary's lake, but our way was blocked by muddy puddles and snow. We decided to head to Donut Falls afterwards.

Is the name of this lake Silver Lake? The lake that's right by Brighton's Resort?

Carl had on watershoes, so there was lots of running through puddles.

Snow everywhere.

Work of a beaver.
The gnawed off stumps of trees were about four feet or even higher off the ground, and as I stated my ignorance to the fact that beavers can climb trees, Stewart laughed at me. "Amy, they were standing on snow when they did that."

Stewart borrowed this sign to be his walking stick for awhile.
This is about when Stewart declared we turn around and go down the canyon and find a different hike. Carl proceeded to lay on his belly on the boardwalk and dig trash out of the lake. He also brought home three waterlogged logs to put in his fish tank.

Later at Donut Falls.
Stewart posing with his new climbing stick and the boys we caught smoking pot.

This is as close as we could get to the falls. Well, Carl walked in a ways of course, but this is as close as I would get.

The bridge on the way to the falls. So much water.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant

Me and ... Mormon?

Carl and some Extras

Have you been to this pageant? I thought I had been when I was little, but the set up was so different from what I have in my memory, I wonder if this really was my first time. I loved it. It was a little cheesy, but most LDS spectacles are. When the lights turned out and the spotlight pointed out Moroni on the very top of the temple, facing East, blowing his trumpet while his clothes fluttered in the wind ... I couldn't breathe. I had chills up and down my body and a big lump in my throat. When Jesus came to America and blessed the children, I blamed my sniffling on allergies. I loved it.

Carl's parents (Eva and Stewart) picked us up and we headed down in Eva's mini cooper. Stewart's a very big boy and had me laughing the entire time with his shenanigans. My absolute favorite was after the pageant when we pulled over at a Maverick to fill up Stewart's Big Gulp. I tried to wait patiently in line for the bathroom, but it went nowhere and I eventually gave up.

While I was being patient, I spied Stewart filling his Big Gulp with some Coke, then a pump of cherry, then he'd taste it, then he'd put some more Coke, some more cherry, taste it. He was determined to make this the most perfect soda ever.

Later, after I gave up and joined everyone, Stewart wouldn't let me say no to treats (It was almost midnight, we'd eaten funnel cake and fried potatoes and candy bars, my stomach was not happy). Stewart shoved an ice cream in my hand, "Amy! It's the best thing you've ever eaten, best thing ever! You can get them for fifty cents in China, but I'm happy to pay two bucks for you. Here, let's each get one! Eva! Grab four!" if only I could convey his tone, pure funny. I laughed while I tried to say no and warned him that I would definitely spill in the car, "Amy! We don't care, we don't care! You could wipe it all over the seat!" He then set his huge drink which he had masterfully concocted on the counter, told the lady to charge him for four ice creams and 300 Big Reds. I laughed, the lady paused and immediately sprouted worried eyebrows. "I'm just teasing, what would I do with 300 Big Reds?"

As we climbed into our little clown car, Carl sat behind Stewart, but that was my seat, so Carl and Stewart obnoxiously bickered back and forth.
"Carl! Carl! Move it, you can't sit there! You can't fit, Amy has to sit there."
"Dad! I'm fine, I'll just put my legs up."
"Carl, hurry up and move, I'm not kidding."
Carl didn't move, we were fine, Stewart got in the driver's seat and started to back up with ice cream in his left hand which was steering while his right hand was shifting.

Then there was a bumping sound. Not quite hitting a car sound, maybe running over a small animal sound... We were all confused until,

"Scheisse! My drink!"

I was rocking back and forth I was laughing so hard. Stewart had left his drink on top of the car. "My drink Eva! My drink! It was so perfect, oh! What a waste Eva, what a waste. No, I'm not going to go fill it up again! I can't believe all of that, wasted. Oh ... we have to get out of here, those teenagers are laughing at us."

There really were teenagers laughing at us.

Then Stewart almost drove off the curb in his rush to get out of there. He also dropped a panel of chocolate from his ice cream. "Oh perfect, now my ice cream is ruined too, what a waste Eva, what a waste! I don't know where it went! You can eat it if you find it Eva, you can eat it."

Friday, June 24, 2011

My Summer Song
The Naked and Famous - Young Blood

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ezra's Baseball Game
I sometimes hesitate whether I want to drive all the way to Kaysville for Ezra's games, but these days of everyone-wins-baseball are quickly becoming my favorite. One of yesterday's laughs was brought to you by me. I forgot to ask my dad if it was okay if we picked up Toby and Emily until we were at the field. I was laughing so hard while I tried to tell him I forgot and still try to get permission to go get them, and he, in ultimate Brent frustration while turning the suburban around, kept saying, "Well I had no idea!" and my mom said multiple times, "Well of course you didn't, because she's trying to tell you she forgot to ask you."

Another laugh was brought to you by Zach while we were at Arctic Circle. He licked a face into his ice cream cone, got my attention, pretended to talk to Ice Cream Face, pretended Ice Cream Face whispered a joke in his ear, then Zach held his hand to his mouth, closed his eyes, and laughed. Ultimate funny, which was replaced by another funny when he tried to do the same to little Emily and she got confused. She had missed the face in the ice cream, a key component to the hilarity.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shotgun Shooting West of Utah Lake
* I am scared of guns.
* I hate really loud noises.
* Despite these two potentially major setbacks; I had a fabulous time.

Cousins Jeremy and Carl setting up targets.
(Jeremy left, Carl right)
We brought some non-trashy items such as clay pigeons, and painted targets, but then Jeremy insisted on bringing a can of spaghetti sauce, a yogurt, and later he dug in his car and pulled out a water bottle and his front license plate.

Me wearing Jeff's huge jacket.
I hit the yogurt first try! (I think Jer was mad that he didn't get it.) Grandpa Carver would be so proud. I hit two clay pigeons, the yogurt, tried my best at the far painted target, and hit it, but never inside the target.
You probably can't tell, but we were also shooting at a plasma tv that was already out there.
So classy.

Mt. Timp, I'll see you soon buddy.

The Boys

Carl vs. Dan
(Carl left, Dan right)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My favorite find of the week.
Please tell me you laughed really hard too.

Will someone please send me a saxagram?

Farmer's Market & Gateway Chalk Art Show
Saturday Morning

Bagpipes immediately command tears to come to my eyes. Every time.

My dad gave Dra $1 to run through the fountain. I love that he was so upset, but if he was the one earning the $1, he would have been so so proud of himself. He's just sad he was on the other end of the deal.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A few Rodeo Videos
Thank you youtube.

Mutton Busters:
Pretty sure every single kid cried when they either fell off, were thrown off, or were rolled over on. I loved watching the sheep bleat and prance when they were free of a kid. I loved watching the sheep run around in a panic until they saw their friends then almost bowl each other over when they tried to join the herd.

Cash Cow:
I was extremely uncomfortable but also entertained. I was so scared a kid would get trampled.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who goes to the rodeo twice in one week? Me!
Pleasant Grove Rodeo - Strawberry Days - Wednesday & Friday Night

I brought hats for me and Dra for Friday's rodeo.

Mommies and Babies

I have awesome video of Mutton Busting and Cash Cow Chase, but the vids are being sassy and won't upload. For a few more details about Friday's adventure, check out this chick's blog.

Quick list of rodeo loves (Wed & Fri combined):
  • Strawberries and Cream "$1.50?! Yes, please!"
  • Laughing it up with my sissies.
  • Mike's stupid fire engine joke.
  • Fireworks
  • Watching the Chick Fil-A Cow almost eat it on the stairs, then watching them gingerly sit down and take a breather because the mascot was so scared.
  • Shaking my head at boys who still wear jeans with that lame loop for hammers.
  • The mutton buster who held on for so long that eventually his entire body had swung underneath the sheep so he was literally hugging the sheep's belly while the announcer called out, "Let go!"
  • The lady sitting next to us on the top row who watched her flip flop fall through the bleachers to the ground below.
  • Watching cowboys show cows who's boss.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Free, free, free!

I've had a math conference this entire week, and I had to present twice this morning (3 hours total of presenting), but now I'm free! I have so many ridiculous stories of crazy comments, me wanting to bang my head against the wall, and gaggles of people who do not understand social cues.
The first thing a stranger man said to me this morning as I rolled in with all of my materials to present, "Amy! You look very adult today!"
In my head, "What the hell does that mean?" Out my mouth, "Thanks!"

I went on a short run this morning, shorter than I planned because I hit snooze a few times, but it was good to get out and sweaty while it's still a little cold outside, and I knew it would soothe my jangled nerves before my conference presentation. My ipod was screaming Beyonce's Best Thing I Never Had, I was lifting my arms to avoid touching the weeds that have grown to be as tall as me, and then ... rattlesnake! I scared him, he scared me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yesterday as I prepped for our family bbq, Zach and Emily were testing me on which songs they could play for me and I would like. Em knows me extremely well, but Zach trumped her with this diddy. I confessed that it makes me a little emotional when I hear this song.
Summer Vaca Play by Play
Day One:
  • Went in to work to finish my presentation for a math conference next week. What should have taken 30 minutes to finalize took 2 hours due to slack-jawed yokels who wouldn't leave me alone to work.
  • Went home with high hopes of running or going on a hike. Instead, watched hours and hours of tv. The Voice? Caught up. MasterChef? Caught up. Other shows I can no longer remember even though it has only been two days? Caught up. I seriously haven't watched tv at all in the last two weeks, and I fit it all in in one extremely depressing afternoon.
  • Took a refreshing siesta.
  • Tried to go on a hike later, snow and locked gates deterred us.
  • Ate an awesome burrito.
  • Had a fire in a backyard, ate smores, told the only hilarious scary story, cringed at "Want to see the tricks I can do with fire?"
Day Two:
  • Vowed to stay clear of the tv.
  • Went to Gamma B's to help with yardwork. Snapped a pic of her robin's nest, helped her weed her flower beds, mowed most of the front lawn, pulled weeds out of cracks in the sidewalk (banged my arm really hard when I tried to pull a poppa out that was growing under her table), mowed most of the backyard, tested her pool water temperature, helped her skim the top for leaves and bugs, sat and listened to her stories of her adventures from her 3 week Civil War trip.
  • Ate a burger with my dad.
  • Hit up the grocery store and post office.
  • Played and barbequed with family. Ate another burger.
  • 1st summer game of bocce resulted in 1st glorious come back win of the summer.
  • Bonfire up the canyon where I bumped into Spence (he gave me the painting below). I was also reminded of how immature I am when I couldn't stop laughing when I learned that one of the guys at the bonfire used to climb to the very tops of trees when he was little and take a dump. Park Ranger kicked us out at 10, poor old guy in the booth told us to pay him next time when we confessed we didn't have any money with us or checkbooks. I'd feel bad if I was lying, but I wasn't lying.
  • 1st bullet bike ride since my accident of '05. Not going to pretend, I was absolutely terrified the entire time.
Day Three:
  • Ate some of my roommate's cereal.
  • Turned down wakeboarding. (The boat was going to be so full.)
  • Sang at the top of my lungs while taking a bath.
  • Updated the blog with boring details, excited to see 0 comments when I faithfully come back to check.
  • Already excited for a killer day.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Isn't this amazing? I wish you could feel the texture. One of my mentees made it for me and wrote the kindest note on the back. I will treasure it forever.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lake Powell

My lake powell adventure wasn't nearly as eventful as this dude's, but we sure did have fun. I did hate night two of wind from hell. I woke up angry. (Think of the Chris Farley video of Chris' reaction to just finding out he was drinking a certain kind of coffee.) I bumped in to the one and only Karli Davies on the last day. We drove out of the parking lot, decided to stop at the bathrooms at the top, all the stalls were full, I waited in front of one specific stall, and when the door opened ... "Amy!?" I felt like I was on the price of right and I had picked the the winning door. So I got to see my little Karli, Morgan, and Janey and their poor sunburned bodies and sandwhipped hair.

I'd post pics of me wakeboarding and wakesurfing, but I need to get a tan before I show those babies on the internet. So enjoy my cool friend Brian.