Thursday, October 18, 2007

I just got dropped off at Ben's apartment because I have to borrow his car tomorrow. He's sleeping like a little lamb, and I'm secretly super annoyed, so I'm taking advantage of his internetness.

I lamely just rear-ended another car, but proudly did so with only one swear word throughout the entire process. It boils down to the traffic stopping abruptly, and me not stopping so abruptly. Luckily, the lady behind me barely missed slamming into my car. Another lucky, the car that I hit only had some scratches, but my gray little Jetta is an eye-sore.

I checked on the girl, we were both fine, then called it in and got more and more angry at myself. After trying to call a few people without any answers, I got back out to check on the high-schooler. I did ask her age, just as I thought, seventeen. "I'm 25 and should know better," I admitted sheepishly. She used my phone and left messages for her family, apologizing the whole time for 'using minutes.' Are you kidding? I just hit you kid.

We were in the middle lane, and pulling off was out of the question because the outside lane was the entrance to I-215, so we made everything awkward for all travelers. I love those type of time wasting accidents. I also love when people honk at accidents. Just makes everything so much more pleasant.

A couple and their young son was waiting on the sidewalk across the street, the motherly one making advances like she was going to weave through the traffic. I asked the girl if that was her family, nope. So the lady ran up to us, confessed that she was a ... nurse ... she didn't say nurse, but I can't remember what she said. Something along those lines. "Yeah, I just got off work, and me and my girlfriend just took my son out to eat." To which I scrunched up my eyes and looked back across the street, funny, your girlfriend totally looks like a man. It was super nice of her to stop and check on us, "Oh, I have to by law." Still, it was nice.

Our lady cop was kind, and she answered all of my questions politely. She explained the paperwork, eventually getting to, "Right here you need to write a description of what happened, and in this box, you need to draw a picture." I caught my laugh before it escaped and with as little sass as possible asked if I had to draw a picture. Yup. So I drew two squares with circles on each corner and wrote the work KABLAMMO between them.

After filling out the paperwork, I sat in my car and frantically tried to get a hold of anyone. While I listened to voicemail after voicemail, I painfully watched the other girl's family arrive. She got quivery lip, and bawled and bawled and hugged and hugged. I was instantly pissed at her for being so dramatic. Unreasonable thoughts such as: Your car is just scratched, mine needs a tow truck. You're not the bad guy in this situation. You were able to get a hold of people therefore more people love you than love me ... I know, I was being insane, but fatty tears were totally running down my cheek. Then I was pissed at myself for being so judgmental and for crying, and then I totally had cryry voice from that point on.

My mom called in the middle of all of this, and I blubbered that I just got in a wreck and that I'd have to call her back. Her, "Oh honey!" brought on more tears. I was able to talk to my dad later who was all business and of course I don't want to cry in front of him so I was able to calm my jangled nerves. He's so extremely level-headed, I love it.

My dear little Karen picked me up and brought me to Ben's while my poor little car left with Shamrock Towing. Not my luckiest of days.

Ben basically hibernates when he sleeps, and after many failed attempts to wake him up, I was super angry. I held his face and practically screamed that I needed his car keys. I said it a few times, increasing in volume each time, while his eyes rolled and fluttered open and shut. This put me at boiling point. Eventually, I retrieved the keys, and announced that I had to go sleep at my parents. He sat in sleepy shock, saying nothing. I just stared at him in disbelief, I'd just wrecked my car, and I get nothing. I'm pretty sure I said something dramatic like, "Did you hear what I said!" and then I got teary and whispered that all I needed was a lot of huggins. "Well then, get over here," and I cried and cried between his super strong hugs, snores, back to super strong hugs, snores ...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Arcade Fire concert!
September 26 I got to see them for the second time this year. The Heiners and I saw them up at The Gorge in May, and we all agreed that they were our absolute favorite, even better than the Beastie Boys.
LCD Soundsystem opened for them, and they set us up perfectly for Arcadeness.
Man oh man how I love Arcade.

** Ben chopped off most of his finger at work earlier that day, poor little tyke.
** Once again, pictures are coming, I don't know what it is with this computer and the internet ...

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dr. Hall went to town on my poor little teeth. Because I'm not the best flosser, I had to have three cavities taken care of. I had to have three shots which morphed into four shots because I wasn't numb at one point ... yikes. I hate cavities, and now I understand when people say they hate going to the dentist.
So I looked like a fool, and even more unfortunately, the numbness lasted for almost 24 hours. I was scared that my face had frozen.

Fabulous picture is on her way ...