Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ezra Turns 3!

Silly Pictures

Ben = Bowling Champ 04/12/08
Not Ready

Thank you Emily for taking the majority of these glorious BDay pictures.

James, Ezra, and Michael (Also a birthday boy today.)

Dra and Eric

BethJay Dee
Grandma B

Mom Dad
Jay's Bum
Nga (Amy in Ezra language)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

First Climb of '08 in American Fork Canyon

Dear Rose,

Thanks for recommending the defurminator.

Yoda (The neighbor's cat.)

P.S. Dra was excited to use the Benadryl spray on her massive breakout of hives.

Back to Paris

I should have taken more pictures of the amazing food that Kirill and his family prepared for us. I keep kicking myself for not documenting Easter Sunday dinner at Kirill's in-laws. We had a five course meal, and I kept thinking to myself, "My mom would love this." The presentation was so thought-out, the food was amazingly flavorful, I was stunned. All of our walks amounted to nothing, I must have gained five pounds in that one sitting.

I've been frantically correcting Geometry and Pre-Algebra tests all weekend. Conference helped me stay focused while I went through 220 tests.
On the last page of one of my girl's test, she had a note at the bottom, encouraging me to look on the back. What a gem.