Sunday, October 23, 2011

Brotherly Sisterly Hike

This was on our way down, but we stopped to take some pictures. Some guy sneered, "What, do you see an animal or something?" Uh, does there have to be an animal to take a picture?

My favorite part of the hike was teaming up with Zach and teasing Em about her irrational fear of skinwalkers.
Em: "Seriously, if I was on this hike by myself right now, my number one fear would be skinwalkers."
Me: "Not bears?"
Zach: "Who's the most famous skinwalker? Walker Texas Ranger."
Once upon a time, we went to the circus.
In trying to take a picture of ourselves and jumping the gun before the flash was done flashing, we captured this. I love love love this picture.
One of our best attempts.
The only picture of the actual circus I took. I was too amazed by all the hullaballoo to worry about busting out my camera. My favorite was when a guy exploded out of a cannon, but he was on fire! "I did not expect that!" I kept shouting to Dra over the loud music. Truly is the greatest show on earth.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

What can I work on while I fake like I'm watching the Fast Five with my roommates? How about a video of some fun summer stuff? I gave myself away when I laughed, then they noticed I had headphones in. I'm not sorry.

Special thanks goes to:
* Cherry Hill
* Lake Powell
* Utah State Fair