Sunday, May 31, 2015

Walker Texas Charlotte

Yesterday at the luncheon after my Grandma Carver's funeral, Charlotte took quite a few steps while holding a roll in each hand. She has done this before, but this was the farthest she has ever gone. Today she has decided that walking is pretty fun, and she all but runs from one thing to the next. Nick and I have really enjoyed sending her back and forth between us. We would laugh that one day Charlotte would just decide to walk, and there wouldn't be any wobbling steps, and it really did come true. She is so proud of herself.

This is the second time we've splashed around with colors in the tub. This time I had Nick around to help me out. I poured instant potatoes and food coloring in bowls and let her splash and play and feel. Charlotte loves pouring the potatoes out and swishing the colors with her feet and hands. Her cute little crossed feet melt my heart.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Charlotte on the Boardwalk

Can't miss any chance to eat some bread. 

Back in the Blog Saddle

This morning I asked Charlotte what she wanted to wear. She kept making pinchy fingers, and finally realizing I laughed, "Snip snap?!" Lottie smiled big and nodded her head vigorously. The Santoros gave us an outfit that has a crab on the onesie and a crab on the bum of the striped pants. We've been reading an Under the Sea book where the crabs go "snip snap." What a funny little smartie I have.

For our "every day we must do something fun" activity, Nick and I took Charlotte up the canyon to find some ducks. Blech, we found too many. At first dam there were so many geese and ducks that I had stink face the entire time as I gingerly walked around the sea of bird poop on the grass. The birds weren't impressed that we left the bread in the trunk of our car, but Charlotte had a blast screaming, "Quack!" at them all. On our way back to the car, a goose hissed at us. I regret not slapping its stupid face.

We drove up to second dam to walk around the boardwalk. The bread that was intended for the birds was quickly consumed by Charlotte.

Yesterday we took Lottie on a walk through the nice neighborhood just to the south of us. We saw a woodchuck! It was ridiculous. Right as I was about to say, "Look, a big kitty!" the not-kitty stood up on its hind legs. It was massive, trudged around for a second, then crawled into the hedges. On our way back we saw it again, but it was in a big hurry to cross the street. We saw it sprint, leap, and scuttle under a fence. What a funny guy.