Friday, June 23, 2006

Graduation went alright. Harry found me and gave me a letter that he had written. He told me that he loved the butterfly stickers that he'd put on it.

During the program Frances made all of the teachers stand on the stage, and Anne ran up and gave me the huge bouquet of roses. I cried a pinch. Emily gave me the teddy bear and flower and the bag of apples. Then afterwards, Anne's parents came and talked to me for a long time. They told me that Eric went home and cried in the bathroom, "But I love Miss Amy." They handed me a gift bag and thanked me over and over. They told me they were sad that I was leaving, but that they'd be in the U.S. next year. They want to go to Yellowstone, and I offered to take them there. I hope they do come, I would love to help them out and hang out with the family. The card that they gave me brought on the waterworks again, it's the sweetest thing ever. They wrote about how they're sad that they didn't get a chance to take me around Taiwan, so they took a lot of time picking out a book that had a lot of scenic pictures of Taiwan for me. So incredibly thoughtful.

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