Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Surprises:

Brett came and picked us (Janey, Lizbeth, Jen, and I) up, and we headed to Kaysville to hear Kathryn speak. We were a tad late, but were told we could go sit on the stand if we'd like. Brett led the way, while Kathryn smirked at our train. Brett wrote her a note, delivered it during the sacrament song, and she shared it at the beginning of her talk. "Some of my buddies from Taiwan are here, and they wrote me a note that they 'Have my back.'" I was embarrassed, and Brett whispered in my ear that it was supposed to be between us, not the entire congregation.

It was horrible sitting on the stand because I was so tirey from staying out late with everyone the night before. There were a couple of boys at the back of the chapel horsing around, hugging/wrestling, and then they both stood up, but one was bear hugging the other. They started walking towards the door, and I realized that they weren't "wrestling," one boy was carrying the other because he didn't have legs or arms. He was just a torso. I was so curious. They were gone for a long time, I accidentally took a cat nap even though I was sitting on the stand in full view of all of the Kaysvillees, but I saw the boys come back in. The one boy dropped the other off on the floor, and an older guy clasped his hands around the boy's neck. The man held on to torso boy's neck (sorry if the label "torso boy" is inappropriate), and started swinging him really fast round and round in circles. I was in shock. It seemed irreverent/hard-hearted/unhealthy. I was riveted, I couldn't even point it out to Brett to get his reaction. Once the man released, torso boy just kind of shook out his neck, and then they went at it again. It was hypnotizing.

We gave hugs all around afterwards, anxious to get out of there. We started to make our way around the lingering groups of church-goers, and I felt a hand grab my arm. Sweet Larry Belnap pulled me into a hug. I haven't seen that sucker since we jumped off Big Toe at Hyrum Dam up in Cache Valley. On one of his jumps he actually landed on a sunken scooter. That was such a great summer, big sigh. He introduced me to his wife, and we caught up a bit, and I filled him in on the status of James and Jackie. He started to bring up the "Monster in the Corn" experience ... I laughed, but my cheeks were pretty pink. We talked about Boony, and Jaren, and James Barnard, and James Crowley ... I miss my boys.

Home teachers are on their way tonight ... I can't wait to add to my pile of awkward Nathaniel encounters.

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