Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dear Rose,

Thanks for recommending the defurminator.

Yoda (The neighbor's cat.)

P.S. Dra was excited to use the Benadryl spray on her massive breakout of hives.


Jeff and Rose said...

Hey, that's what family is for...BTW where's the picture of the gigantic furball??

Amy Bateman said...

The wind took care of it.

Yuck. I stared as removed as possible. I think that Ben's face says it all.

Amy Bateman said...

Stayed not stared.

Eric and Andrea said...

So many posts make my head spin. I love my pictures by the way...we should have taken pictures of my hives. It would have sealed the deal

Emily said...

In every picture it looks like Yoda is reaching for Ben. mmm..moving on from Dad to Ben now eh?