Sunday, May 09, 2010

Meet Baggy:
He's my new favorite running partner (no offense sissies). We have an adventure every time, and I am always super sore the next day.

Recent Memories:
  • gagging so hard I cried the first time I had to clean up after you
  • getting yelled at in the cemetery (my fault)
  • my fastest 5k ever was the first time I ran with you
  • trying to convince a bus-stop patron that you are not my baby and I am not your mommy "It doesn't matter what mommy says, you are her favorite little baby!"
  • getting chased by the turkey
  • dropping your chewy baseball right in the trax line
  • making cats walk on their tippy toes
  • compliments galore, "Your dog is beautiful!"
  • you getting your feelings hurt when other dogs don't want to be your best friend

Meet Bumblee Pinata:
My favorite part of our Siete de Mayo party was when Jed tripped on the stairs and dropped all of the candy. I also loved that Tyler filled the pinata with twinkies and oatmeal creme pie cookies and ridiculous coupons and horrible candy.

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Natalie said...

When did you get a dog??