Saturday, September 11, 2010

After school yesterday, I was writing the agendas up on the whiteboard, and my back was to my classroom door.
I hear a soft, "Hello?" from behind me.
Knowing it was Carrie, a fellow math teacher, I took my time turning around because I thought it was so weird that she called in. When I turned around, there she was with a much older lady. Oops, should have turned around faster.

Carrie: "Amy, this is my mom! I don't think you've ever met her before."

Me: "Nope, oh hi! Nice to meet you! I've heard so much about you."

Carrie's Mom: "Well I came to help out Carrie, but I was up in the office, and I told the secretaries that I was here to see the best math teacher at Eastmont!"
She said all of this in a typical super adorable Grandma voice.
"Everyone in the office said, 'Oh! You're here to see Amy Bateman?!' I told them no ... Carrie. So I just had to come down to meet you."

I don't know if this is coming across, but it was absolutely hilarious, and I all but peed my pants trying not to laugh when she told me. When you see me, ask me to tell you in person, it'll be better.

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Emily said...

All too great. Haha taking your time to turn around. I love all of this