Sunday, October 03, 2010

Ben, Ben's brother Anth, and I went to Denver for Ben's second yellow ribbon ceremony. We had so much fun, and I only took two pictures.
Things to remember:
  • Peruvian restaurant that wasn't really Peruvian. Waiting an hour and a half when there was only a table of four in front of us. Having our waitress admit they were closing down the next day. "The craziest thing just happened ..."
  • Dinner with Ben's sister Mariann and her family. XXX bowling was a bad idea. Mariann's girls were way too pushy/flattering when we were in Claire's.
  • Jake flirting with the clerk right in front of Ali. The clerk writing her number on a card for Jake.
  • Catching a shuttle from the airport to our hotel, "Sorry, it's like an hour wait," but when I walked out I got right on a shuttle.
  • Feeling like a celebrity when I walked down the aisle to find my seat on the airplane. Feeling like a celebrity when we got to watch tv for free. Feeling incredibly sick on the airplane, looking out the window for my parent's house, breaking out in a cold sweat, convincing myself, "I am not going to throw up in front of all of these people!" panicking and grabbing Ben's barf bag, barely making it without getting sick, Ben was completely unaware of all of this.
I loved this, and I dedicate this picture to Dra.
The gaggle.
Left to right: Ali, Jake, Ben, Anth, Jeff

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Andrea said...

I just wish I knew what we was looking for. Then maybe I could help him find it