Saturday, March 26, 2011

Money Money Money!

The other morning I was touching my toes after a great run (great because I had just finished), when something green winked at me from the gutter. Money! I went in for a closer look, thinking to myself that I wasn't willing to touch it since it was in the gutter, but I gasped and snatched it up quick. I promptly put it in the pocket of my running pants. Then my cute older neighbor came around the corner and almost scared the money out of my pocket.
"There's our athlete!" She embarrasses me. Did I ever mention how when I moved in she asked if I was a body builder? Sheesh.

After worrying if this was one of the situations that we go through in primary of how to deal with it honestly, I called my dad.

Me: "Dad! you will never believe what I found on my run today!"
Dad: "A dead raccoon?"
Me: "Better!"
I can't remember how the rest of his guessing game went.
Me: "Dad, I found a one hundred dollar bill!"
Dad: Silence. "You're kidding me."

He helped me figure out exactly what to say when I called the apartment office.

Greatest news is no one called in! Mine, mine, mine! I like to think that it makes up for the night in college when someone took my Friday night waitressing tips.

It sure pays to run.


Natalie said...

only someone in your family would guess a dead raccoon. haha!

Valerie said...

This just about motivates me to go run.

Derek said...

i needed those tips for gas money.. sorry amy, i thought you got my note.