Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Things to Remember:

1) 7th grader whispered, "I know where eggplants come from! You start by burying an egg in the ground ..." I turned around, rubbed my eyes, and laughed a lot.

2) Helped with PE today, loved every second of it. Me to a 9th grade lazy butt, "Hey! I can hold your jacket for you, happy to do it. Perfect. You can earn it back by running the entire two laps you were asked to. Off you go, good luck, so proud of you!" Sucker. The gym teacher did say that he's never seen the kid run so hard before.

3) During an afternoon 7th grade class, one boy was riddled with the hiccups. I quizzed him on every little stupid detail about everything he had eaten today. I finally stopped asking him about his intake and followed up with, "Are your hiccups gone?"
He stared off into space, "... Yup!"
I said, "I'm a smart little Ms. Bateman and not just math smart huh?" I'm so proud that I can make a class of 30 twelve year olds laugh.
I caught the boy with his elbow on his desk, his hand cradling his head, then in a bit of a sad voice, he plead, "Ms. Bateman, can you make them come back?"

4) Went to my parents' house after school for potential climbing with Em. The garage door was shut, and Em's car wasn't out front, so I assumed the front door was locked. Fortunately, out came Jay right when I pulled up. He looked happy and didn't have his shoes on.

Me: "Hey Jay! Wait ... why are you only wearing one sock?"
Jay: "It's upstairs," said in a sassy where-else-would-it-be tone.

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