Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011
Idaho Falls, ID

Our amazing view from the 8th floor of the Red Lion Hotel.

Things to remember:
  • Eating in the breakroom of The Madsens
  • Little kids playing on the intercom
  • Uncle Dale telling me how proud he is of me
  • My dad asking question after question about Topaz Mountain and if my arm was sore, or my eyes were blood shot, or if I slept well, or if I've looked at my rocks yet...
  • Having to hold myself back from grabbing Buffy's boys and hugging and kissing them. I missed our boys.
  • Watching Vy and Jordan play/fight. "Hi Vy!" cute little Jordan.
  • Forgetting that Jay was still dancing in the basement using the kinect until he wandered upstairs an hour later. "Why are you so sweaty?"
  • Fiesta Ole - My first and possibly last trip
  • Dad to Jay, "Where'd you get that hat?" Jay pointing to his huge beanie, "Oh, you mean this?"
  • Dad, "Now remember, you can eat for free at the bayfay tomorrow... Buffet," and Em and I going nuts teasing him until he got really loud, hit the steering wheel, and said, "Enough!" Hilarious.
  • Em dramatically trying to wheel her luggage out on the wrong floor.
  • Sharing a room with Em and making her laugh so hard at herself that she choked on toothpaste
  • Grandma's not-on-purpose bend and snap that made me laugh so hard I both cried and drooled
  • Before leaving, Grandma telling me she was looking at me during Thanksgiving dinner, and how she kept thinking to herself how absolutely beautiful I looked. I really needed that compliment.


Valerie said...

This makes me homesick!

Jeff and Rose said...

Bend and Snap!

I'm dying!!!
have. mercy.