Sunday, May 31, 2015

Walker Texas Charlotte

Yesterday at the luncheon after my Grandma Carver's funeral, Charlotte took quite a few steps while holding a roll in each hand. She has done this before, but this was the farthest she has ever gone. Today she has decided that walking is pretty fun, and she all but runs from one thing to the next. Nick and I have really enjoyed sending her back and forth between us. We would laugh that one day Charlotte would just decide to walk, and there wouldn't be any wobbling steps, and it really did come true. She is so proud of herself.

This is the second time we've splashed around with colors in the tub. This time I had Nick around to help me out. I poured instant potatoes and food coloring in bowls and let her splash and play and feel. Charlotte loves pouring the potatoes out and swishing the colors with her feet and hands. Her cute little crossed feet melt my heart.

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