Saturday, February 09, 2008

Good Day/Bad Day


1. I suckered a librarian into giving me a library card.

James told me about the book The Road by Cormac McCarthy. He liked it a lot, but he admitted he liked No Country for Old Men loads more. I navigated around the library, found the McCarthy fiction section, but neither of these two books smiled back at me from the shelf. Nuts!

There was a giant of a boy shuffling next to me; I had to step out into the aisle so that he could pass through. Seriously. But he wasn't just some boy, he was shelving books. It was a Christmas miracle, he slowly put back Road!

2. I attended my first spinning class.

I've never adventured into the land of spinning, call me crazy, but it's true.
This morning at 7:15 A.M. I took the plunge. I hate going to a class where things are assumed. I wasn't exactly sure what to do, so I spied on others the entire time. I pulled out one of the yellow bikes into our circle, and started to "warm up." Even with the seat all the way down, I was totally high-crotching myself, and there was no way that I could do that for an hour. So I heaved that one back against the wall, and drug a blue bike out. Perfect, it didn't have any pedals. So then I maneuvered another blue bike into place. I was the new girl in class, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed watching my struggles. I just know that I was dragging them the wrong way too.

Apparently, I should buy a water bottle that I can easily use to "hydrate". Unscrewing my nalgene's cap and trying to catch the water in my mouth while pedaling was just another way to humiliate myself.
I was so sweaty! Maybe just as sweaty as I used to get when we'd play back to back indoor soccer games. This class kicked my butt. There was a pregnant girl spinning away. I couldn't help but think, "Geez, nine months over there hasn't even taken her shirt off yet to use as a sweat catcher."

2 Words to add to my spinning vocab: road, sticky

3. I think I'm the biggest loser this week. I'm pretty sure I'm up to a ten pound deficit.

4. I successfully parallel parked in front of my house. No second tries.


1. Where is my hubcap? I don't know when, but one of my hubcaps snuck off, and now my car looks ghetto. Huge sigh. It probably fell victim to one of those dang 13th East potholes.

2. One of my undies decided to unravel in the dryer. Green string accented almost every other piece of laundry.

3. 2nd Parking Ticket in Two Days.

Ugh! I was in the correct spot, I have a pass, what is the deal! Then I looked closer, and it says, "No vis registration." Then I was even more mad. My car is taken care of, it is registered, how is it my fault that they never sent that stupid little blue or green or red sticker to me?

4. My bum's already feeling the punishment from the spinning class.

5. I can't tell that I've lost 10 pounds.

6. Ben's at drill this weekend.


Tenille said...

AMY!!!! Where have you been? I can't believe I found you here!!! Come check me out and stay in touch....we have A LOT of catching up to do

Matt & Tati said...

Amy! Where have you been girl?


Melissa said...

Hey! HOw are you? Glad to have found you!

Amy Bateman said...

My favorite family down the street! I am so glad that you stumbled on my dumb little blog. I've had a blast looking at your great pictures.

I bought a voucher from another teacher for way cheap, and I can use it at any time to fly anywhere in the U.S.! I had the Bowsers in mind the entire time. So let's plan it out!

Tenille said...

YEAH!!!! Tell me when a good time is to reach you and I will give you a call. I'm so excited!!!