Friday, February 29, 2008

Story Time

Last Saturday, I wanted to go to the early morning spinning class, and Em wanted to go too, but that morning as she lay in her warm/toasty bed, she changed her mind. I took my time to make myself an appropriate breakfast, and I checked my e-mail ... wahoo! E-mail from Ben! So by the time I finally made it to the gym, the spinning class had been going for about ten minutes. I really didn't want to walk in late, and have all eyes on me as I struggled to drag the bike around to squeeze into place in the tight circle.

So I lifted really hard and I was really efficient because hardly any of the older people were using the machines or free weights. But then when it came time to use the treadmills, they were all taken. (P.S. There was a really short older guy, and he kept eyeing me, and I did not like it. I know I'm short, but on first glance is it a "Holy crap! She is SHORT!" reaction?)

I waited behind a lady as she strolled along on the treadmill, she was working on her cooldown, and I kid you not, she was walking at mach negative 2 mph. It made it seem like I was waiting forever as I watched her hardly walk. Not now! I really had to go the bathroom, and I was in a dilemma. Go to the bathroom/lose my place in line? Don't go to the bathroom/run in discomfort?
I chose not to go to the bathroom, so I hopped on the machine and quickly decided to crank out one mile as fast as I could go, and then I could reward myself by going to the bathroom. I kept increasing speed, and I'd gone 1/2 a mile in 4 minutes (that's good for me), and I had to go. There was no postponing. I paused my machine, evil-eyed the old guys, daring them to take over, and sped walk to the bathrooms. I love walking after you've been on a treadmill, it feels like you're speed walking to the max.
Out of the two stalls, I chose the mini one, sat down, and thought to myself, "Whooo, I feel a little ... "


I remember thinking, "James would not approve of the position I'm sleeping in," and I came to with the top of my head pushed up on the side wall right, the toilet paper dispenser staring me in the face. Thankfully, I was still sitting on the toilet, my neck was just at a funny angle. "What the, I don't remember ... " I had totally passed out. Then I was worried because I didn't know what to do, should I call my mom and dad? Should I tell someone here at the gym?

I must have passed out because I was running so hard, and then I just completely stopped. Then I was so thankful that I came to because what if someone had to find me, and I was pants-down on the toilet, resting like those little kids who fall asleep when they're going to the bathroom?

I kept thinking about my handball coach Herm who always laid into us about warming up and cooling down and about his story about Jim Fixx. Jim was in tip-top shape, he was a marathoner. One day he was out running, and he stopped at a street corner because the light was red, he passed out, and died. It was because he was running hard, and suddenly just stopped. I kept thinking, "I almost Jim Fixxed myself at the gym."

I re-enacted my passing out adventure for Dra, then my mom, then Em. Dra was hesitant to follow me in the bathroom, "I don't want to see!" she thought it was going to be a gross story. My mom was sick with worry, and Em laughed and laughed. My dad was really sick, so I just told him about it, and he gave me advice. He's had a lot of experience with passing out.

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