Saturday, January 10, 2009

Desperate Haircut

Suggestions please! My hair's too long and daily begs for a fantastic color.

My cut's about like this right now. So should I leave the length and put in more layers?

I'm leaning towards short, not blonde, but short. What are the votes on this?

Love the color, length might be too short.

Brandi and Teighlor Heiner introduced me to Selena Gomez: the Disney wizard. I realize that in this picture her hair is pinned, but I really like it as a cut. Agree/Disagree?

P.S. I heart Selena Gomez.


Emily said...

I like Maggie's the best and I do love how that Selena pinned up her hair!

Natalie said...

Ugh, I can't get past Maggie and the Olsen girl to actually look at their hair. I like the Disney girls bangs! Very cute.

Tay and Jen said...

I like the dark hair color. Go extreme! Either dark or light, but do it extreme.

Eric and Andrea said...

I really like the cut of the Olsen's hair but I think you look really good with a super dark color. Don't really like Maggie's, and I think it would be hard to cut it like Selena's when in that picture her hair is pinned, does that make sense? I agree with Nat though, I love the bangs.

Emily said...

But Amy's hair is already like Olsen twins hair do Maggie's Amy!

Jeff and Rose said...

You gotta go with Maggie's hair. It would be a great cut for you because you have some natural curl--some of your sad relatives have to use a flat iron to get that effect!
If anyone says Katherine Heigl's hair...hum, well you should not ask for their opinion anymore because they are obviously out to sabbatoge you. That was a silly hair-do even in the nineties...I would know I have some middle school pictures to prove it.
Oh, and have them texture the ends of your hair--there are some girls at the salon who have done that and it looks so cool. I would do it but I need another 6 inches!! aauuggh.