Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Dad's Christmas Delight:
I boxed up Malloy (my dad's enemy number one),
worried all the way to Rupert, Idaho,
poured Malloy out of the box in a midst of a blizzard,
and prayed for the best.
Ben's mom and dad live in Idaho, and his mom graciously said it'd be okay to let Malloy join the crowd. Ben's dad wasn't as excited.
I was racked with worries about cute little Malloy:
Will he get enough food?
Will he be too cold?
Was he someone's cat?
Will he make friends?
Ben's dad was excited to show us his new idea to keep the cats from jumping up in the window sill and staring in at them. He had pounded nails through a thin board and put the board in the window sill.
Added to my worries about Malloy:
Oh great, I've brought him to a cat-hating house.

The pictures are tiny and not as fun because it's a scanned copy of both sides of the postcard I sent to my dad. Two days after Christmas, my dad found this treat in the mail. My dad laughed out loud with a "REALLY? He's gone! Really?" He was so proud of me.

The Postcard:
Dear Mr. Bateman,
I decided to end the fussin' and the feudin'. I reluctantly packed my box and made the long journey to Rupert, Idaho.
Maybe one day you can come visit me; you are welcome at my shed anytime.
Meow, meow,


Emily said...

I miss malloy, we may have to make another shipment to Idaho though, apparently Big (ya know the new cat in town now) got into the heated cat bed and dad not so happy. But I couldn't stand another cat leaving!

the mama monster said...

why did you keep the dumb cats and give the good one away. who's next yoda?

Natalie said...

Haha! The "cat hating" house is just a facade. They love all those stray cats. And BTW I think D made T take down the nails : )
My house will be a cat hating house, however. For reals. Except Thurm, who will love them on the sly and turn Quinn into a cat lover. Ugh, I don't even want to think about it.

Eric and Andrea said...

Mama Monster brings up a very valid question, I've wondered that myself. Definitely not Yoda though.... I'm thinking of a different one... the one that likes to slink around everywhere and lower his back when you try to pet him..

Emily said...

Change your comment Andrea If you want to live