Friday, February 06, 2009

Math Class Gamble
Should poker be taught in school?

Ms. Jensen gave me an article that she planned to use in her class, and I turned around and used it in my classes. I had my students read an article about whether or not we should be teaching poker in math. They had to monitor their understanding, make a choice (yes or no) to whether or not we should be teaching poker in school, then defend their choice. I was amazed at how thoughtful their debates were, and delighted with the silly kids' thoughts.

Here's a taste:

"Well if it's illegal to gamble in some states they shouldn't teach it."
"When kids get money, they might even gamble at school, and that might lead to bullying."
"No, cuz kids develop a gambling problem. They also might spend their college fund."

Nervous about this one:

"Yes, because when you grow up and you lost your job and almost all of your money you can try to win some more money by poker."

Laughed the hardest at this one:

"No, wait let me think ... NOOOOO!!!! Would kids want to bring hundreds of dollars to school every day to gamble on?! NO!"


kcjaques said...

Well if you think about it gambling is all a game of statistics. I learned gambling in statistics, now I make Kelly go collect money from all of my debtees. It's a win win for me. P.S. when are you coming over for the roulet and black jack tourneys?
P.S.S I lost my job so I just use my unemployment in vegas and double it.

Emily said...

This is a very interesting debate... but didn't Sara Judd win like 7,000 dollars on the slot machine?