Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Day of My Birth

Ben blew it out of the water with these orange tulips.
Em and my mom arranged these bad boys, and they're still hanging on!

I got to play with the boys all night.

Zach: "We saved the best for last, we bought your favorite nintendo game!"

I patiently pretended like I was enjoying my party as it wrapped up, but inside I was desperate to escape downstairs so that I could beat Life Force.

The Day

  • Worked out with Ben. (I was slightly grumpy though. Who works out on their birthday?)
  • Ben made me a delectable lunch.
  • Shopped with Em ... and Ben. (Poor Ben.)
  • Squeezed in a game o' bowling. The night before, Ben, Anth, and I bowled, and I bowled a 132. That's quite good for me, and I beat the men, so that's quite good for my ego.
  • Ate the best birthday dinner ever. I hesitated as I requested Thai food for my birthday dinner, but my mom took on the challenge, and boy howdy, it was amazing! (I'm still craving the soup.)
  • Showed off the flowers Ben gave me.
  • Kicked around the mess of balloons that Dra had blown up for me. (The boys loved this the most.)
  • Opened hilarious/thoughtful/useful presents.
  • Beat Life Force

What a grand celebration; thanks to everyone for wishing me the best.


Emily said...

Mom bought the flowers I arranged them thank you very much. Wow what a great birthday you are truly the best!

Valerie said...

Amy, Happy Birthday! I, too, am a tulip girl. Tell Ben good job from me.

Eric and Andrea said...

Remember when we beat Life Force together? That was the best moment of my life. Finally after so many years I conquered it and I couldn't have done it without you