Sunday, March 15, 2009

Take a Chill Pill

Hometeachers. Where to even start? Crazy to the max seems to cover all bases.

Today's riddle unfolded when my home teacher (just one home teacher was present which is a completely different, possibly unbloggable story) reminded me that I got to choose who said the prayer because I'm head of the household. He loves saying this every single month, and I pinch my hand to keep my eyes from rolling. "I'll say the opening prayer if you say the closing."

Unfortunately, during the prayer I managed, "We are so glad that Joseph is here to visit teach."

Prayer ends, Joseph frowns.
"I'm here to home teach."

I was so confused, but quickly caught on, and laughed, "Oh! Did I say visit teach?" Ha ha ha. However, apparently I found it way too funny.

"I'm here to home teach." My laughing skidded to a stop. 
Sorry! It's not like you're going to turn into a girl because I said visit teach instead of home teach in a prayer!

P.S. Teaching an entire lesson about the importance of prayer, and then leaving without saying a closing prayer ... priceless.


Emily said...

Oh Joseph relax and laugh that is the perfect medicine for anything. I love that you always says, "Now since you are the head of the household" classic.

Emily said...

I meant to say, "that he always says" my bad

Eric and Andrea said...

Sweeet Caroline..... bump bump bump

Just start coming up with excuses so he can't come over, you know like "oh sorry, I'm not allowed to have any boys in the house without someone else here.... my dad said so" or "sorry, the cat just pooped all over the place, gotta go" Or you could start acting crazy, when he says you're the head of the house, shake her head and say in a scary voice, "it's not my house...... it's their house"