Friday, June 12, 2009

Devil Wasp will not leave me alone today!

All I want to do is peacefully finish my book outside in the long lost sunshine, but no, he insists on buzzing me up and down, and he even had the nerve to try to whisper in my ear.

Later, when I was trying to enjoy my lunch out on the patio, back he comes, wanting a taste of my ham sandwich. Get out of here!

A tad later, I dared to try to read my book outside again, and blam! He's creating a twister around me. From inside the sweet safety of our house, my dad saw me slam my bookmark in my book, flip my hair for protection, swat with my book, and whimper as I ran inside. "See! He won't give me any peace!" as I frantically tried to slam the sliding glass door shut behind me. The door's stuck. So instead of creating a quick barrier between me and Devil Wasp, it took a good ten seconds to guarantee my safety. Turns out ten seconds is a long time. I looked incredibly pathetic.

My dad offered no comfort, "He's probably just trying to find a home." I am not a home for wasps.

Ugh! Just now as I looked outside at the shy blue sky, there he was, trying to buzz his way through the screen. Stupid dedicated jerk.


Emily said...

Amy he just needed to find home. I think tomorrow you two should talk.

Knudson Family said...

I think you should get a restraining order. What a stalker! Start carrying RAID. Show no mercy! It's either you or him - and if you don't take action- it will be you, my dear, it will beee you!