Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Drove to the South Jordan Walmart
to stand in line for close to three hours to meet
Ashley Tisdale.
We took Jay, and wow, so many adventures.
  • INSANE girl behind us. "I am so hyper!" "Did you hear screaming?" "I am so excited!" jump jump jump. "Do you think I'll get her autograph?" then repeat these phrases in a high pitch 17 year old voice for almost three hours. She bumped into Dra, hard, multiples times. She bumped into me, so I turned around and asked her to back up a little, explained how I didn't understand why she kept bumping into us, thanks. Dra saw her whisper to a boy behind us, then mock me, and point to my back. So I flipped around and told her that I wasn't trying to be disrespectful, but she needed to stop. We had been waiting in line for too long already, and it was dang hot.
  • Stupid Walmart blasted Ashley's song: "It's alright, it's okay, I'm so much better without you!" song over and over and over ... the entire time.
  • Convinced Emily to run down the aisle screaming, "She's here!" even though we knew Ashley wasn't there. Dra has video, but I doubt it caught how incredibly hilarious it was.

  • Huge security guards, mostly women, literally shoved us through to meet Ashley. They pulled our pictures out of our hands before we were even up there to get a signature. The line was ridiculously long, I bet a lot of people were mad to the max. "Sorry, but five minutes people! Five minutes!" We barely made it. There was a super sassy / rude family behind us that we were all hoping wouldn't make it in those five minutes.

Dra and Em took all of the videos and pictures, I'm sure they'll post about it soon enough. Maybe I will bamboozle them in to letting me snag some to jazz up this post.


Karli said...

haha this sounds hilarious!

Andrea said...

I got my pictures and the video up. I agree the video just isn't the same unless you were actually there but since I was there, I love it. Let's never do that again, unless it's Dolly Parton

Derek said...

Wow you weren't kidding. Pushy mcbumpy doesn't look very nice. I vote you shoulda pinched her in the neck.