Monday, August 10, 2009

My parents left on Thursday for their Alaskan cruise.

I shake my head; I am so
jealous. My dad was constantly on the computer looking at their route and
researching the different cities. Typical. They get to go on a helicopter ride, halibut fishing, whale
watching ...

Right before they went, my
dad went crazy telling me the most obvious things about keeping the house

  • He'd open the cupboard under the kitchen sink, "Now, if this garbage gets full, take it out."
  • Pointing upstairs, "Turn on the swamp cooler now and then ... but only if you're hot. Make sure the windows are open to get the air moving, but don't open them all the way."
  • Him: "Turn on the dishwasher." Me: "Right now?" Him: "No, but when it gets full, turn it on."

This just came from my mom's iPhone; I love how savvy she is with technology:

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Anna said...

it's amazing how alike our parents are.

before my parents left i was given precise guidelines on how to open and close the blinds...