Wednesday, August 05, 2009

You'll never guess what I've done.
I went and bought myself a laptop!

Just this morning, I was conversing with my mother about how I would really like to purchase my very own laptop, seeing how I might be taking on a student teacher, while he's bumbling up there in front of the kids, I can be in the corner typing up lesson plans (or watching Arrested Development on It's time I really truly did grow up.
After pleading with my mom to shop with me once they get back from their Alaskan cruise, I road tripped to Logan with Dra and my dad. Dra took a math placement test and got 95 out of 100! (She should be a teacher and come teach side by side with me, we'd be the best team.)

Well, before Dra took off to rock her test, what do we find on sale at the USU bookstore? A MacBook. So cute, so perfect. $849 for the MacBook, which comes with a hp printer, and an ipod. I was scared by it all just because it seemed so fabulous. Too fabulous? I told Dra and my dad that I needed to think about it, I would decide when Dra was done with her test. I texted my mom, asking her if I should buy it, and she immediately wrote back, "Heck yes!!!" That sealed the deal, and here I am typing my very first e-mail on my very first laptop on my very first blog.

Unfortunately, to get the screaming deal, you had to be a student, so we
pretended that it was for Dra, but that I was paying for it. I felt like a ventriloquist.

Salesman to Dra: What color of ipod would you like?
Dra to me: I don't know, hmm, what do you think?
Me: I don't know, would you mind if I looked at them both?

and on and on and on with all of his questions. Dra and I did pretty good, but it had to be painfully obvious that everything was for me.

I got an Ipod Classic, it's a whopping 120GB! What am I going to do with all of that space? I can finally watch the Beyonce Singles Ladies music video that I accidentally bought.


Amy E. Campbell said...

This is Anna's sister Amy and I read your blog ALL the time, I'm a very not creepy way. I think you're hilarious and we have the same name! Anyway, just thought I'd say hello. HELLO.

Jaques said...

Will your name your laptop Pierce? After Pierce Brosnan, who voiced the house computer who wanted to kill Homer so it could be with Marge. Let's hope this computer doesn't kill anyone....

Amy Bateman said...

Dear Amy,

I am obsessed with your blog, it warms my heart. One of these days, once my mitt is returned, I hope to join your softball shenanigans.

Dear CamCam,

I will definitely consider Pierce. I named my ipod Romulon in tribute to you remembering the name of my car.