Saturday, November 14, 2009

I finally hemmed my own jeans!

Usually, I'll take my jeans to my mom, chat it up, and eventually she just takes over.
I did ask a lot of questions (thank you mom and Dra). On my second pair of jeans, I had to get out a piece of paper to write out the math.

Ugh! I totally didn't match up to my starting point. Looks a little ridiculous, and it's conveniently in the front, but I'm still proud of myself.


Brian and Jaime said...

that is so great I also hemmed something this week my temple dress and let me just tell you my stiching looks like the ridge of the teton mountains. oops. I was just hoping that I will be in sessions with old enough people they wont be able to see that far!

Anna said...

that is impressive. i've always wondered how its done. i don't think i will ever know.

Natalie said...

Looks at those cute little legs : )