Saturday, January 09, 2010

Promised my mom I would document everything I make from now on.

Rose - This would have been yours. Unfortunately, it has some orange in it. It's not pure red. Yours is coming, don't fret.
Anyone else want to throw in a request? (I love making deals.)


Kylie said...

Could you make a little one? Let me know if you do and how much. They are way cute.

the mama monster said...

love it! hey what stitch do you use? i think it is a single crochet right or wrong?

Amy Bateman said...

Kylie - I will try to make a little one, and I will keep you updated.

Jackie - Yes, it's a single stitch, it's so dang fast, and I don't love having big holes in my beanies.

the mama monster said...

you have inspired me to crochet again. that is if i ever have time to do anything ever again.