Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I survived another Parent Day at my school.
Today parents were allowed to stomp around with their students to each class.
  • My Dad came and watched one of my Geometry classes and mingled with my students' parents. He was a great little spy/seller of my teaching skills.
  • My overhead projector overheated in the very same class it overheated in when it spat fire.
  • My TA kids met their first goal of bringing in $45 for our Haiti Fundraiser, so now I have to wear my hair in a mohawk on Monday. What have I done? Once they meet their next goal, I have to dress up as Batman all day long. Again, what have I done? The parents laughed really hard.
  • A parent of a student I had last year stopped me in the hall to congratulate me on my running. What the what? Apparently, she's seen me at the gym, "You run fast!" Not all the time lady. She tried to convince me to do a triathlon with her. I was too embarrassed to tell her I only know how to froggy swim, and I had to promise her I would think about it.
  • I've had an interactive Promethean board in my class for a year and half now, but just last week, I started using what I call, "Clickers." They are fabulous gadgets that let the kids text in their answers. They have to enter their names in first so I know who's answering, and Jazz put in Jizz on accident. One boy couldn't stop laughing, but I honestly don't think he realized exactly why this was so unfortunate. I'm sure the parents thought this was hilarious or extremely offensive.
  • One parent brought me a cookie.
* Picture of one of our clickers. They're fabulous.


Karli said...

one day i want to come to your class

Erica said...

make sure you get pictures of that mohawk! I love reading your stories... I think I would just go nuts but you always make it so fun for your students. Way to go! Miss you!