Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dra and I drove up to Logan to visit Em, Jaime, oh, and go to the last USU homegame.

Peacock in Logan? Now I've seen everything.

Ridiculously excited to go to the game.

Sisters hair commercial, don't you think?
Blonde, brunette, redhead.
All natural folks, all natural.

Hail the Utah Aggies!

Wild Bill is a must-see. I was laughing all of second half ...
until I noticed I could see his butt crack. Gross.
Okay, okay, I still laughed.

"Show me the Scotsman who doesn't love the thistle ..."
This song should be my running song, pumps me full of energy.

Ever since I saw this on youtube, I wanted to participate.
So mean, so fun, so true.

WAC Champs!

What the? Man painted blue?

I forgot that whenever we win, the A's blue.

Favorite parts of the game:
  • When Jardine blocked the guy then jumped over another.
  • Emily thinking that one of our chants had a swear word in it.
  • Zach's texts telling me not to get shot by Wild Bill and not to fall in love.
  • Emily grabbing Big Blue's tail, and my mom's text telling her that was naughty.
  • Dra sharing all of her videos and pictures.
  • Laughing it up with my sissies.


Andrea said...

Three Things:
1. That picture of us walking, you look like a fish, Em looks like a vampire and I look like a ghost
2. Sister hair commercial? Let's just make our own and put it on youtube, we'll have Karli film it, she knows how to get the good stuff (think Em falling down the stairs)
3. Airball, airball, airball

the mama monster said...

how come i'm never invited?

derek said...

man painted blue? thats tobias from arrested development.

Blackjack Player said...

You joke?