Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been so ugly at school these days. My TA students raised a lot of money for our school-wide fundraiser. I offered motivation by telling them if they met certain goals, I would humiliate myself in one form or another. I shrugged it off because I assumed they wouldn't raise very much. They met every goal.

One day I had to wear my hair in a mohawk.
(I kept getting compliments which hurt my pride even more.)

Another day I had to be Batman all day long. (Probably the worst considering it's light out in the morning now, so a lot of U students got to see Batman scraping her car windows in the morning. Ultimate humilation.)
Only my 28 TA students knew what was going on, so I had to explain myself to all of my other students. Everyone soon got used to my shenanigans.

My kids are being so sassy lately. Thankfully it's the funny sass.

This week is Spirit Week. Monday started as Sports Day, so I wore an Aggie Handball shirt. One of my 9th graders smirked, "Ms. Bateman! How much money did your TA students have to raise for you to wear that awful shirt?" I laughed and shook my fist at him. What a sassquatch.

Tuesday was Crazy Day, and the students did not appreciate my cowboy gear. I tried to smoothe it over with, "Isn't it CRAZY that I'm wearing a cowboy hat?" They were all concerned with what I was trying to say about cowboys.

Today was Pajama Day. Another 9th grader mocked, "You wear your glasses to bed?" I kept muttering no, I, no, no, but ... then I just laughed. They did love the awful four curlers in my hair. I drove to work with my hood on the whole way. It was incredibly curly when I took it out after school.

Other funny things:
I'm teaching my 7th graders about probability, and we've been playing a lot of fun games. One day we were rolling two dice, and a 2 and a 2 came up, and one Sassafrass yelled, "Snake Eyes!" then clapped his hands over his mouth, but came back with, "I mean Spider Eyes!" and he emphasized it with spirit fingers. I put my head on the board and laughed.

Today, he, or his twin, I can't remember which one, saw on his paper: P(green) which stands for the probability of green. "P green!? Who pees green?!" Again, I just laughed.


Emily said...

Your stories from school never let me down.

Zach said...

How much money did your TA students have to raise for you to write this awful blog post? Just kidding. I loved the stories. You should tell your students that if they raise enough money you'll bring your dad in dressed as batman!

Karli said...

This is so great. You sound like the best teacher ever

Erica said...

I only have one question. Where are the PICTURES??!! I want to see the mohawk!