Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Black Keys!
  • While crossing the street from my house to the trax station, I was flagged down by a transient. "Do you have any spare change?" Sorry buddy, nothing on me. I literally had my phone and my ID, and that was it. "Oh okay, wait, wait! Did you know Jesus loves you? ... Cause you look like an angel!" I lamely responded, "You too," then couldn't stop myself from laughing at my ridiculous response as I stomped away past his continuous mumbles of my angelic attributes. Do angels like The Black Keys?
  • On trax, two young possibly 6th graders, sat next to me. One was even reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid. At the next stop, a group of toothless idiots boarded. It was F this and F that, and I was extremely uncomfortable. I tried to hold my tongue, but finally, I nicely blurted, "Excuse me, would you mind watching your language? There are children right here." A couple of men that were not part of the group gave me an appreciative nod, but the ugliest girl in the group mumbled, "Ohhhhkay, um, freedom of speech?" I lost it, I no longer felt like being nice. Freedom of speech? You are a complete baboon. Children people, children! Then the poor boy muttered, "It's okay," and I told him it wasn't okay, and he deserved better. I was all in a huff, but thankfully the disgusting hooligans got off at the next stop. When they got off, a man tapped me on the shoulder and thanked me for saying something, but I wish he would have backed me up in the moment.
  • At the concert, before the opening band started, these two guys in front of me kept eying me then sipping their beers. I was nervous because my pants were tight, possibly too tight, and what if my zipper was down? Phew, not the case. They asked if I wanted to stand in front of them so I could see better! Eventually, I was in the front, leaning on the bar, getting asked by photographers if I liked the picture they took, heart forced to beat to the pounding rhythm, hypnotized by how The Black Keys was markered on the drum, loving the music so much I felt like wiping tears off my cheeks, realizing that I haven't liked a concert this much in a very very long time ... Every song is my new favorite Black Keys song. You should have been there.

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Natalie said...

Mmm. Great song! Makes me wish I would have been there : )