Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lake Powell - Memorial Day Blowout
View from the houseboat every morning.
I could seriously live on this. It was three stories of pure heaven: super cushy carpet, marble countertops, windy stairs, big screen tv for movies at night ... I was spoiled rotten.
Me and the boat got along just great. I wakeboarded, tubed, and learned how to wakesurf (my new favorite). I cheered for myself when I got up on my first try. I was a little bit of a maniac on the tube; at one point after I had jumped on to the other kid's tube, I was riding not-so-safely on my back. I got bounced right off. For my bravery, longevity, and willing to take risk, I was crowned Queen of Tubing.
There were two slides, and this was the slide coming off of the sun deck at the very top of the house boat; it was so deliciously fun. Too bad I can't control my kicky legs, but at least it made everyone else laugh.
Took a jet ski trip to the dam.
I was super excited to hike this sand dune. (Being serious.)
We had to swim, and everyone was a little complainy, so I obnoxiously ran into the water. "Amy! Your camera!" Suckers! It's waterproof.
Not so easy hike. Poor Slim had to take a break.
Lobster legs are the result of a recipe laced with too many bounces on the tube and not enough sunscreen.
Running down.
Poor Slim almost made it to the end, almost. He fell and rolled pretty dang hard. Too bad I wasn't filming.


Valerie said...

Amy, this looks like so much fun, and your swimsuit is super cute! With whom did you go?

Karli said...

that house boat looks amazing. i am so jealous, that looks like a way fun trip!