Wednesday, August 01, 2012

This morning I went on a walk with my mom up Porter Rockwell trail. We said good morning to a lot of people, sweat a little, and laughed at how similar my dad and Nick are. Sheesh. "You married your dad!" she teased me.

I had a brief panic attack as I was curling my hair earlier. "What the what?" I whispered as I put down the straightener and pulled two small soft pink flesh-colored pieces out of my hair. I ran to Nick begging him to tell me I didn't have a flesh-eating bacteria attacking my scalp. I turned them over a few times in my hand, we stared in silence, then I happily said, "Oh! It's turkey!" (Nick had made me a turkey sandwich earlier).

I practically skipped back to the bathroom; what a relief! Nick cried out, "How the hell did you get turkey in your hair?!" Dear Nick: Welcome to the mysterious adventures of Amy Bateman ... er ... Guyaux.

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Kimberly said...

ha ha!!