Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My dear friend Rachel brought me a gift bag full of the sweetest little girl clothes; I cried. I am overwhelmed lately with so many good things happening in my life.

1) I received a full tuition scholarship for the rest of my masters program. One of my professors nominated me, I had to go through a rigorous application and interview process, and I made it!

2) I was incredibly unsure of what to do for work this Fall, but everything has seamlessly fallen in to place. I'm teaching again, which is wonderful, but I was dreading going back to Eastmont because every single one of my closest teacher friends either switched schools, moved to another state, or chose not to teach anymore. One of our new English teachers became an immediate close friend when she poked fun of me at Back-to-School night. She is heaven sent.

3) I'm pregnant; this alone makes me sob. When I was younger, I was told that it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to have children. I was devastated, and I was too young to handle the information. It took years for me to climb out of my secret depression. I unfortunately avoided my patriarchal blessing because I felt it mocked me when it talked about my future family. Now I am married to a man who LOVES me, and we are going to have a baby girl. I cannot wait. I can't stop carefully folding and unfolding our little girl's clothes. How did I snag Nick Guyaux? When I came home from my official first day of teaching this year, he had scrubbed the entire apartment, and he had been cooking Indian food all day because he knew I loved it. He is the better half, and I am terrifically spoiled all the time. I chose a song for us the other night, Nick loves Steve Winwood's original version, I love the following version.

Higher Love

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Tay and Jen said...

Amy-Congratulations on pregnancy. It's beautiful.
Congratulations on the full scholarship. You are one awesome person!
I read back on your last few posts...yep. still crack me up.