Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get out of here!

Apparently the foods' room has a "flying ant problem," and those little buggers are somehow making the treacherous journey to my room.
I don't have any windows in my posh classroom, and the kids wondered why I was so annoyed that there were flying creatures about.

The first day we noticed a flying ant was when he decided to plop down on the overhead as the kids were completing their warm-up. I was taking roll, when Joshua laughed, "Hey! He wants to do question three!" Not at all understanding, but able to follow my kids' laughter, I finally spied our first pesty visitor. He was frantically dancing around, trying to dig at the bright light, gloriously magnified/illuminated for all to follow. Gag.
Later on in the week one of my boys brutally smashed a flying ant that crash landed on his table. The remains splattered on horrified Abbey.
Today, one fell dead from who knows where and landed on my keyboard.


Kimberly said...

did anybody EAT ONE!?

Erica said...

When I moved my desk in my office at the end of the year so they could remove all of the asbestos ceiling I found a skeleton of a mouse. Not a single piece of flesh or hair on the thing.