Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Shelf!Karen helped me conquer assembling this bad body from IKEA. I love it, and I am so excited to deal with all of the lame clutter hanging around my room. I already feel like it has opened up lots of space, and then I turn around to the other half of the room and notice ...
Ugh. The green knobbies are leaving, brown yet-to-be-bought ones will take their place. I can't decide how I want to rearrange my bed, dresser, and lamp. I would love to buy a little loveseat to put next to my lamp so that I can read my little brains out under the light.

This is the devil's clutter that I am curently dealing with. I do not want those tupperware scandals in my room. I think I'll have to go back to IKEA to get some more organization boxes. Maybe I could put them behind my shelf?
I beg you, please, give me some ideas on the arrangement. Bed at an angle from the corner? Dresser at an angle? I have no idea. Help!


Kimberly said...

hmmm .. maybe an area rug to hide the stain in front of the closet?
BUt seriously ... I am really struggling with the same issues, and the most helpful thing is to get rid of stuff ... if it's just going into a storage basket/bin ... it can go to DI or to the dumpster. The things I can't part w/ yet are under our bed ... but it is an ongoing struggle. GOOD LUCK!! By the way LOVE the shelves, they look dang cool

Emily said...

hmmmm...I agree with the rug idea. But I would get a nice little kitten to place on that stain.

Amy Bateman said...


You are right on the money about that dang spot. It seriously looks like the last tenant killed and skinned an animal. So gross.


A kitten would kill Elizabeth.

Eric and Andrea said...

Your elephants sure do look thirsty..

Anonymous said...

Better have a talk with your children! Dallon was just charged with molesting children!