Monday, November 24, 2008

Early Thanksgiving Dinner

Ben's cousin Kent Jones invited us to his family's early Thanksgiving dinner held on Sunday night. They live out in Tooele, and when I agreed to go with Ben, my mind was churning out Taylorsville. Big difference between Taylorsville and Tooele. Why are you calling Thurm for directions? Why do we have to drive past the airport?

It was a great time all around. The Jones family was incredibly friendly and chatty, the food was outstanding, and now I want to live in Tooele where everyone has access to the lake via their backyard. Kent built his own waterfall; this guy is amazing.

Point of the post:
After stuffing ourselves silly, we all gathered around the family dinner table to play an intense game called Whackee Six. Ben and I were on the same team, and while I was getting a quick version of the rules, the Jones family was jabbing at Ben, insisting that all Heiners are super competitive.

My mind shot back, "Heiners may be competitive, but Batemans always win."

We won.
Of course.

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Eric and Andrea said...

Bateman's do always win. I immediately had flash back of all the times we have conquered all. I wonder what will happen on Thursday if we play a game..... who will win then? I wrote down Erica's address if you want to delete it. Thank you and good night