Sunday, November 09, 2008

St. Georgio / Zions

We arrived Fri. night and decided to have us a little "night climb."

I could not figure out what was showing up on my pictures, but now I'm obsessed with how cool our headlamps look.Joe below, Ben above.
We camped out right at the bottom of this face.Lil' Climber's Lost Shoe
Old Lady enjoying her sketches.
A granola couple, their two dogs, and friend passed on the trail. One of their dogs was running all over the place making sure he met everyone, and the old lady huffed, "He should be on a leash, there are a lot of protected animals around here."
The couple started laughing really hard, and the husband held on to the dog's tail for a bit.
It was hilarious/horrible.Hiking up Angel's LandingMade it! I was very nervous to be this close to the edge, and yes, it's not that close.
I thought we were done, got scoffed at, and then my direction was pointed towards the "Scary Chain" part. I remember when we were little we hiked this and one of my boy cousins cried pretty hard during the chain part. Cute Referee Joe
A couple that passed us joked, "Hey, I think that's the guy that sold you your shoes."


Meg said...

Hi Amy! I was so excited to find your blog. You've been on some fun trips lately, I love Zion! Hope all is well.

Eric and Andrea said...

The head lamp looks like a shooting star! Very cool. So I finished Sleeping Beauty and it was just as amazing as I remembered. Even Eric sat down and watched some of it. Oh so many gem moments in that movie. And yes, I do have your email address, thank you

Brian and Jaime said...

I can not believe how much you do. You are my inspiration. I love that you get to go and do. What is fun time. I miss talking to you. we should get together some time.

Jeff and Rose said...

Hey, I've done that St. George climb. Those are actually quite fun--good for you!!
oh, and I climbed those in my youth, before I had babies and got as fat as a whale...thought I'd throw that in so that your brain wouldn't explode trying to imagine how such a big girl could do that??!!
miss you.