Friday, November 21, 2008

Listen Buddy

I was busy silently cursing another teacher; his inadequacies had created a huge emergency to-do list for me, and he also made me late to my meeting.

So I huff out my door, barely miss knocking down our busty sweeper, but then I'm nearly knocked down when I hear her say, "Turns out, when you don't have your period, you gain a lot of weight. So ...," and she Vanna White's her whole body.

Inadequate teacher stands there, nodding his head, arms folded, totally engaged in the conversation, "Hmm ... I didn't realize. You know, now that you point that out, I have a cousin ... "

I wanted to melt. I closed my eyes as I locked my door behind me, held my lips tight as I tried to sneak upstairs.

1st red flag: How is this girl so bold to talk about this stuff to a male teacher?
2nd red flag: Why was the teacher continuing this conversation?

So grossly inappropriate! Am I wrong?


Kimberly said...

hmmmmm ... when you don't get a period you are either
1. Pregnant or breast feeding
2. too skinny to get one
3. on whack birth control

So ... while I agree the conversation was probably inappropriate, I would have probably jumped into it and found out what she thought she was talking about - the only time I think she would be correct about a missed period and weight gain, would be if she was pregnant . . .

Derek said...

i probably would have said something that would have made them feel way embarassed.. theres always next time right?

Jeff and Rose said...

I think Kim's on to something...maybe it's inappropriate's baby?? The convo is just a cover-up to keep it on the down-low. Seriously, these are the kind of people who wish that they had a secret affair at work--

Tay and Jen said...

One word: NASTY

Funaki-naki-naki said...

Yuck, yuck, yuckity yuck. Bet I can guess the teacher of whom you speak, unfortunately.