Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I took a friend to the hospital yesterday morning, she had an appointment with a surgeon. They think it's her gallbladder, but of course wanted to run some tests first. I went to the gym, showered there, then busted my car's butt to get to her place in time to be able to pick her up and make it to the hospital in time. Her appointment was at 10, and she was invited in at about 10:10. She didn't finish until about 1:15, so it was a long wait for me. I didn't mind one wink because I had brought along my thrilling book.

Unfortunately, being glued to my book, legs tucked up underneath me, head down, didn't clue in the crazies that I was completely content not to chat.

Talked to a 31 year old, tattoo arm, Jazz jersey wearing, shaved head guy who explained that he had a stroke last year, and earlier this week, he started to get dizzy, so he was in for stress tests. I told him multiple times that I was not waiting for an appointment, I was here with a friend. "We are the youngest ones in here!" he kept laughing.

He talked like a thug, we were sitting right across from each other, and I kept running out of things to say, but he managed to keep the conversation going. During one of our pregnant pauses, I was flipping the pages of my book, desperate to sink back in to it, but I knew that was rude since he was watching my every move. I realized I didn't know his name.

Me: "What was your name?"
Him: "I was just thinking that I needed to know your name! My name's Mmphmph."
Me: "One more time, I missed it."
Him: "Ormphm," with a nod.
Me: "Roy?" he made a face, "... Or?" he made another face. Well stop mumbling dang it!
Him: "Earl."
Me: "Oh, Earl!" so relieved that I didn't have to keep guessing, "I'm Amy," and at this point he leaned way close to me, grabbed my outstretched hand in both of his meaty hands, and kept repeating my name as he stroked my hand.

Thankfully, an old lady had to break though our red rover to get to her seat. From then on, I kept praying that the nurses would call, "Earl?"

Once Earl left, Old Lady Whisper Lips next to me was eager to start up a conversation. I could understand about one out of every twenty words because she was so dang quiet. Nice lady though. She eventually went in for her appointment, then my friend came out and laughed that they couldn't find her gallbladder. She was told to walk around for a bit, so we went up and down the hospital, laughing about where her gallbladder could be. "Did you empty your pockets for them?"

She went back in, I walked for a little longer, then found my way to a different seat. I tucked in, opened my book, and fell asleep with my elbow on the arm rest, and my face nestled in my hand.

"Any news?" whispered through my dream. I forced myself to keep my eyes shut.
Arm on my shoulder, "Any news?" there was Old Lady Whisper Lips. "I didn't mean to wake you, but any news about your friend?"

You didn't mean to wake me by waking me up? Poor thing just needed someone to chat with.

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Anna said...

i really loved this story. you can always count on people to be extra friendly and talkative... especially when you want to sleep or read.

ohh hospitals