Thursday, July 02, 2009

Tuesday and Wednesday, I had a Mentor Training class up at the U from 8:30 to 4. It's a long time for me to sit and listen, but I survived by staring out the window, snacking on almonds, and drawing on the little pad of post-it notes. I captured a stick figure getting chased by a car. (I accidentally left it behind, but I'm sure that someone will be quite pleased as they flip through the little yellow pages and enjoy my show.)

The content was ... helpful. I hope that I can be an asset to this "new teacher" next year. However, she's not new to the profession, just new to our school, so I hope that I can do more than, "Well, here's the copy room. You can make copies here. Lots of copies ..." Please pat me on the back because I only annoyed a couple of people during the meetings by calling them out on their ridiculous comments.

I love the convenience of Trax. I would wander out in the morning, ride it up to my designated building, then after class, I would trek back down to my house. I loved my little afternoon walks.

Yesterday morning, as I debated whether wearing flipflops to my meeting was unprofessional, I made my way to the trax station in a daze. Two people in matching yellow shirts sat side by side on the bench, so I strategically skipped a seat, sat down, and pulled out my book. One was a Lenny Kravitz look-a-like, well, Lenny Kravitz when he wakes up in the morning, and the other was a girl (so I thought) who needed to take a brush through her scraggly hair. These two called out to three other yellow-shirted hooligans, who slowly made their way to the station. They all talked like surfer boys (turns out they were all boys, oops) and laughed about their adventurous weekends.

And then,

in a chill drawl, "Hey, how's your morning going?"

Oh! He's talking to me, better hide my Meow Bookmark that Em made me. Wait, no, I love that bookmark, I am proud of it.

We (Jason and I) go on to have a polite little conversation, covering things such as how much I'm enjoying my book even though I'm not that far into it, summer plans, how he's a camp counselor, I asked a lot of questions about the nature of the Jewish Community Center Camp, and then I met all five boys. Stewart, Andrew ... can't remember, and lastly Zyke.

Me: "Will you say that one more time to make sure I got it? Wow!"

While we're talking, Jason's arm makes its way around the back of my seat, and I find out that they're all high school boys. Jason is pretty cute. Trax pulls up, phew, and we all get on together. Jason tells me about his last camping adventure where he used a spindle to create their fires, then he slips in that he and I should go on a campout together, but that he would need my number first.

Aaaahhh! How am I always involved in these situations where I think that I'm just being friendly and polite, but the other party thinks I'm flirting?

"Oh, Jason, I don't think that would work out. You're in high school right? Well, I've been out of college for five years now," and then I laughed because I thought it would ease the tension. Didn't. Please keep in mind that we are on trax having this conversation, crowded morning trax, and I know that other people are feeling my panic and wanting to laugh.

Thankfully Jason got off before I did. "So nice to meet you Amy," and he gave me a parting hug.

Sheesh. I shake my head at some of the adventures I have to endure.


Andrea said...

"better hide my Meow bookmark that Em gave me....." could not stop laughing at that part.

Valerie said...

I can't believe that you are a mentor teacher already. Is that weird? I am SURE you will be more helpful than 99% of the mentor teachers out there. As a first year teacher, I loved finding out where the closest bathroom was. And that you can still do Scholastic book orders in 8th grade. And that's about it.

Jaques said...

I bet Jason would have loved to have you for a teacher.. wink ;)