Saturday, July 11, 2009

June 29th = Grandma's Day
Grandma Bateman takes us grandkids on an adventure every summer, and this year we got to go to This is the Place Park.
Em and I had a blast walking around with Jackie and our favorite boys:
Abe, Eli, and Ezra.

Eli on the "Big Train."

Baby goats (Jealous Ben?)

Ezra reaching through to pet the donkey.

Ezra petting an adorably soft bunny. (Very Bunnicula-like.)
Eli loved the mommy and daddy bunnies.

Ezra pet all of the animals, Eli eventually worked his way around to patting them a couple of times.

Ezra on his pony.
I think he was more excited to get the little box on his armband marked off.

Eli on his pony.

Abe's Turn

Loudest cow ever.

Jackie let Eli and Daniel Boone choose one piece of candy.

The family on the "Little Train."
Abe obviously enjoyed it the most.

View from across the pond.

There was a little sign that warned, "No swimming! No nadar!"
I turned to my family, and asked them what nadar meant. No one knew, not even the strangers around us. Was it some sort of chemical not allowed ... that doesn't make any sense.
Later, when I was relaying my many adventures to the boys downstairs, one yelled from a back room, "Nadar means swimming in Spanish!"

How foolish of me.

Mischief going on inside the teepee.

When one of the volunteers came walking down the path towards us (he was decked out in Native American apparel), Eli grabbed my hand, and cried, "Aaah! Run away!"


the mama monster said...

man my kids are cute! i am stealing your pictures for my bloggy ok? the first thing i noticed was how grown up eli looks in these pictures, it almost makes me cry. we had fun with you guys. it sure makes it easier to go places when the adult to child ratio is even.

Andrea said...

oh man I can't get over those pictures, all so dang cute

Jeff and Rose said...

Emily's exit was the funniest thing I have heard in soooo long! Eli running from the fake Indian was the next best thing.
I wish that our family was nuts AND funny. We just got the craziness without the fun! ha.ha.ha.