Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I was patiently standing in line at TJMaxx, waiting to return something for Em. I was called to the register, explained my situation, and waited for the huffy teenager to complete the transaction. From behind me came a,
"Excuse me? Excuse me? Is there a man that works here?"

An older lady was calling out to the cashier, but I was the only one who heard. The lady called out again, and the cashier was very confused, as was I.

Then the flustered lady confessed:
"There's a praying mantis back on the plates in the kitchenware. You know? The bug that pinches? I think you better have a man get it; it's big!" To emphasize her point, she both pinched and swung her arms out real wide at the appropriate moments.

I laughed, the lady smiled, and the cashier was still oblivious.
I regret not going back to see this huge praying mantis.


Natalie said...

Oh man, I have a great praying mantis story!!! Its too long to type, but next time we are together, remind me.

Emily said...

I witnessed bees attacking a praying mantis yesterday.

Amy E. Campbell said...

I'm kind of obsessed with your blog, it's always super hilarious.