Thursday, September 03, 2009

So many things to tell you ...

Here's a list:

  • teacher "pretended" to flip off our pricipal during one of our meetings
  • news crew almost interviewed me at school
  • my Back-to-School Night handouts had my e-mail as amy.batman
  • being in charge of the 7th grade team of teachers gives me an ulcer. Think: Pure chaos.
  • my student teacher always says, "By all means."
  • exhausted one night, people downstairs were being so loud, so I yelled out my window at them, then went downstairs and told a boy to turn down his music because it was shaking my bed. Then I couldn't sleep due to stress about how now everyone probably thought I'm a b.
  • Abe's 1st bday party: Eli threw his wolf over the fence, it landed in their neighbor's poo-ridden garden, Eli was very worried, but Zach saved the day. Ezra stuffed two grapes in his mouth to imitate a monkey, then started muffle screaming that he couldn't bite, got very panicked, so I hooked my finger in his mouth and popped out a grape, then we both laughed really hard.
  • went to dindin with Zach and his Em, oh and Toby, Em was peeking around our booth right as a guy walked up ... you'll have to ask her for the details
  • my Em had a 9 out of 10 first week of college. Last time I talked to her, as we were talking, she fell off of her bed and in to her garbage
  • boy's downstairs' basement flooded: sewer pipe broke, poo water everywhere. They drug everything that got ruined out front, and people kept coming to take it, the couch was very popular. Whenever we saw someone out there, we would try to run out and warn them. All of Ammon's poo-riddled shoes got taken. So gross.
  • One roommate made out with her custodian and now is super embarrassed


Emily said...

This made my day.

Natalie said...

haha! Karen?