Sunday, April 04, 2010

Mandalay Bay's Shark Reef

I begged to attend, my dad wanted to go too, so we won.

Ahh! Ever since I watched the I Shouldn't Be Alive episode where a group gets stranded on a sand dune on the Zambezi River after their boat gets turned over by a hippo, my fear of crocodiles has been tripled. Please watch the episode, then call me so we can talk about the guy's logic to swim underwater to "confront the croc".
Lion Fish! I learned what these were way back when from our Go Fish playing cards.
My two favorite dragons.
Reflection of two absolutely content nerds.

Only one finger touches were allowed. I thought it would be hilarious to "accidentally" drop my camera in the water to see everyone's reaction. It would have been even better if I could have done it in front of my Grandma Carver, but my dad shook his head disapprovingly.

I was very sad that the Giant Octopus was hanging out at the top of his tank where we could barely see parts of him. Another time mister, another time.


Erica said...

It was so fun! I hope you can come again soon! We'll do some climbing.

the mama monster said...

ahh jealous. i love mandalay bay.

BDawg said...

Come back and stay with us! We saw people climbing rocks out at Red Rock, looks like fun.