Wednesday, April 07, 2010

My Dad and I had a really fun time at Mandalay Bay picking out toys for our boys.

Ezra: Hammerhead Shark
Eli: Puppet Stingray
Abe: Whale Shark
Toby: TBA since we haven't delivered the surprise yet.

Ezra had just thrown his hammerhead shark to my dad and was about to launch his "grass snake". They love the game of toss something off Jay's deck. Ezra loved it when I'd lob his shark up to him with instructions such as, "Here he comes to taste your toes!" Ezra always said hammerhead was on his way down to bite me.
Dad braving the cat poo-riddled lawn. I curse you cats. Eli refused to walk on the grass, and I had to carry him to and fro. I loved it though.

Abe loves his whale shark, and I love Abe.
Eli adores stingrays, and he kept wrapping this one around himself and announcing that his stingray was a great hugger.
When choosing animals, I confidently told my dad to get Ezra a hammerhead shark because Ezra knows what they are. When he received his present, my mom shouted, "Do you know what it is?"
"Yes, I do! It's a hammerhead shark! But what do they do?"
I told him they hammer heads, so he insisted on trying his hammerhead shark out on each of us and himself as the picture shows.

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