Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dreams Come True

Yesterday was a glorious day. I got up and headed over to my school to continue decorating my classroom. I have really worked on matching colors and what not. I have never put so much effort into my room, but it feels nice. Feel free to come visit me, but I'll need to you to say you love everything.

Last night I had plans with my hilarious college friend Camille. Oh how I love my Camille. We decided to start with hitting up the batting cages. In college I would come home from a crappy day of waitressing, dump my saved quarters on the bed, turn to my Camille with, "Had a hard day, want to go hit some balls?" We had the best of times. Unfortunately, I'm not as good as I once was. Last night, I was swinging and missing every time, Camille told me to scoot back, it was the difference I needed. I ended up hitting one of the cute worker girls who ran to the middle to work on one of the machines. One in a million shot doc, one in a million shot.

We headed to dinner afterwards and chatted it up at Paradise Bakery where I reminded her of my obsession with purchasing a little kid bike. So Camille drove me over to WalMart and encouraged me to ride a few bikes around. I couldn't stop smiling. There's something about bikes that cheers me up immediately.

I did it, I bought a neon green and black boy trick bike. I asked Camille if she wanted to stand on the pegs at the back so I could give her a ride to the front of the store, she encouraged me to calm down a bit.

We drove to Camille's house and raised the seat and pulled off all of the stickers. We decided to bring our old bike gang back to life, (in college we used to ride over to James and Jackie's place), so Camille pulled her bike down from the ceiling in her garage, then we rode about 4 miles round trip to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple then back to her place. I probably embarrassed Camille as I waved to everyone as we passed by. We jumped curbs, bunny hopped, laughed, dodged glass, and I even did a trick for the line of cars as we crossed Bangerter.

Once back at Camille's, I confessed I was a little sweaty. I told her I might as well ride my bike home. She loaned me a backpack, and sent me on my way like a little kid on his way to school. Turns out, it's kind of far back to my place, but I just took 10600 South the entire way and it's basically downhill. I loved it. I promised Camille I wouldn't jump any curbs, and I'd play it safe. A little over 1/4 mile from my apartment I thought, "Holy crap! It is so hard to pedal... Oh no!" I jumped off, my new bike already had a flat tire! So I dug in my backpack, gulped a lot of water, pulled out my cell phone, and started walking my new bike home.

I called Camille and told her I made it home safely, then I called Emily to relay my amazing adventures. Then I got scared to haul my bike upstairs and confess to my classy roommates that I really did purchase a little boy's bike. Thankfully they just laughed.


Valerie said...

I want a ride on your pegs.

KCJaques said...

Optimus Prime? Or the Green Hornet? I love that you posted about your bike. I miss my biking buddy already :(